We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all your project requirements.

Feasibility studies are a useful Engineering tool for determining the impact of various alternatives or choices for systems, sites or other factors. Studies are performed to review and evaluate life cycle costs, project alternatives, establish project budgets and define the required design services. In many cases, Feasibility Studies identify hidden costs or savings for a particular alternative.

Feasibility Studies prevent clients from investing large sums on Engineering Services and/or installation costs on systems and sites that do not meet the project requirements or may not be economically viable. These studies can also identify utility company rebates, systems payback through reduced operating costs and other factors which will have a direct impact on the decision making process.

Charles G. Michel Engineering, PC has extensive experience in the performance of Feasibility Studies. Examples of our analysis experience include “Master Plan” analysis for International Business Machines at multiple Data Processing sites in New York State. We have performed numerous studies comparing the benefits of converting boiler plants from oil to natural gas rather at high rise buildings in New York City.

Building Survey Services can be provided either as part of a proposed site evaluation or as part of an existing systems evaluation. We provide independent evaluation of the installed systems, which allows the Client to accurately evaluate alternate sites and/or systems. Our independence, objectivity and integrity provide accurate information on the condition of the site and systems.

Site evaluations have enabled our clients to identify the true costs for owning, renting and/or maintaining the Mechanical and Electrical Systems. Survey Services are useful in identifying whether a building is equipped with the proper utilities for the particular end user. In many cases, lower cost buildings may not be equipped with utilities suitable to support the clients’ requirements. These costs are identified in our survey reports and enable the Owner to make an informed economic decision, prior to entering into an agreement for the space or site.

Charles G. Michel Engineering, PC has performed hundreds of site evaluations covering millions of square feet of real estate in commercial and industrial buildings for Banks, Owners and Managers.

Pre-design field surveys provide a foundation on which our design work is built. A detailed field survey is performed on every project to determine actual project conditions before the commencement of our designs. Field surveys allow our design team to familiarize themselves with the project conditions and any unique project conditions. Pre-design surveys reduce costly “field condition” change orders during construction.

Charles G. Michel Engineering, PC provides Design Engineering Services for Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Industrial Exhaust and Electrical Systems for a wide range of Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential applications. We have extensive experience working with Architects, Owners, Managers and other design professionals within a team concept. We have developed an expertise at adapting our designs through creative problem solving to meet the project goals and client requirements. Our design techniques and expertise enable our clients to attain their desired designs and concepts.

Project coordination is a major element of our design philosophy. A significant effort is expended on each project to coordinate our designs not only internally but with the design elements of other professionals working on the project, including Structural and Architectural, to provide a comprehensive and realistic finished project.

Construction Documents include bid documents and specifications for the project. These documents set forth in detail the requirements for the construction of the project. This package allows the Client to obtain the best possible construction price for the project through the competitive bidding process. Construction documents assure that all contractors are bidding the same scope of construction work.

Designs produced by Charles G. Michel Engineering, PC have repeatedly resulted in lower costs for Owners through the reduction of Change Orders and Cost Extras. This is accomplished through unparalleled field survey, superior coordination and detailed design documents. Our contract and construction documents enable the bidding and installing Contractors to have a better understanding of the project requirements and a higher confidence level in the project documents, which result in lower Construction Bids for the Owner.

As licensed Professional Engineers we can assist our clients in filing project documents with all governing agencies. Our project experience has enabled our firm to become well-informed with the codes and regulations of the governing authorities. This knowledge, when coupled with our code compliant design approach, results in reduced building department review and approval time and streamlines the overall project schedule. As members of numerous professional societies, we are constantly updated on the latest code changes and the implications for current and future projects.

We provide filing of backflow prevention devices with the local water and health departments.

Charles G. Michel Engineering, PC is licensed in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

Construction Phase Services include review of Contractor’s shop drawings, review of Contractors’ requisitions for payment and site review of the actual construction work. Engineering Services during construction can assure that the ongoing work proceeds “On Schedule”, “Within Budget” and in a “quality workmen like manner”. Completion of any project with the prescribed schedule hinges on the timely identification of critical elements. Scheduling problems, such as long lead times for equipment, manpower delays or shop drawing review times can prevent an Owner from occupying the space on time. Project delays early in the construction schedule can result in additional costs through the requirement for overtime manpower or expedited equipment delivery charges. In some cases, “Penalty” clauses in existing leases will result in additional project costs if the construction is delayed and the Client cannot vacate their existing premises. Personnel down time upon initial occupancy of a space when associated with incomplete project construction can indirectly raise the overall cost of a project. Construction Engineering Services can identify these problems before they impact the construction schedule and therefore reduce overall project costs and construction time frames. Construction Phase Services can improve the “Turn Around” time for questions related to field issues.

Review of requisitions for payment can assure that the Contractors are being paid only for the amount of work completed. This will create a sense of urgency to your project, which will command more attention from the Contractor. In addition, cost extras, whether improperly billed or legitimate, can be dealt with when the Owner still retains the monetary leverage. Nobody wants to have their Schedule jeopardized by an untimely dispute with a Contractor or receive an unknown invoice after the construction has been completed.

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